Our Services


Center-Based and In-Home ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis is the leading approach in improving the quality of life for children with autism.  ABA uses strategies that break skills down into smaller, more manageable steps and teaches those skills using techniques like positive reinforcement.  ABA Therapy focuses on increasing positive behaviors and functional skills while reducing behaviors that are harmful or interfere with learning. ABA Therapy will assess and address skill deficits in many different areas.  Several areas include using and understanding language, communicating wants and needs, social skills, play skills, potty training, self-care skills (washing hands, brushing teeth, etc.) and day-to-day living skills (dressing self, table manners, etc.).


Social skills groups

Social skills groups are peer groups of similar ages and abilities designed to strengthen the social interaction and conversation skills of children with autism.  Group members learn through structured activities, natural interactions as we provide a fun, safe environment to encourage active participation and practice social skills, complete with supports to promote success and independence.  

Academic enrichment

Assistance facilitating homework, working on academic concepts that need more instruction, review and maintenance of mastered skills and generalization of those skills through different formats and presentations.

parent & caregiver training

We work with parents and provide tools and strategies so they can confidently respond to their child’s actions and reactions. We want parents to feel empowered. After all, it is the parents who are with their child on a day-to-day basis, not the therapists. Also, parent training provides a greater understanding of the scope and effectiveness of ABA therapy. If parents can understand how to support learning and manage behavior away from therapy, their children will grasp techniques much more rapidly.

day camps

The Spectrum Center offers day camps on select days when Kearney Public Schools has scheduled days off.  Trained therapist are available to provide structured activities, facilitate social interactions, supervise play and enrichment throughout the day.

developmental preschool