Application for Behavior Therapist Position

The Spectrum Center for Autism is currently looking for Behavior Therapists for Summer 2017 in the Kearney area. We're looking for enthusiastic, passionate and reliable individuals to join our team. Responsibilities would include:

  • Working 1:1 with a child diagnosed with autism to teach a variety of skills including language/communication, academic skills, self-help and functional living skills, gross/fine motor tasks, social and play skills.
  • Learning and applying the principles and techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in an in-home behavior therapy program.
  • Gaining valuable, hands-on clinical experience in your field of study (Psychology, Education, Special Education, Communication Disorders, etc.)

The position requires:

  • 6-12+ hours per week
  • Each shift is 2-3 hours long

Compensation: $9-12/hour

No experience necessary. A passion to learn and improve a child's quality of life is required!

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